FLIGHTSIMFL is the first and only privately owned and operated Full Motion Flight Simulator based on the Boeing 737NG run by professional pilots in The State of Florida.

The team at FLIGHTSIMFL offers a unique, amazing and truly unforgettable flight experience!  Tailored to suit all levels of pilots:  from  the novice to highly experienced commercial pilot wishing to gain more flight time experience in order to pass the Air Line Candidate Recruitment Assessment Check Flight.

Your flight will be conducted with an experienced instructor by your side to verbally guide you through your successful flight. Your instructor will also act as your First Officer so you can fill the role of Captain and become pilot in command; thus, truly recreating a genuine multi-crew operations flight deck to ensure you get an amazing and realistic experience that will remain deep in your memory for years to come.

To ensure maximum enjoyment, you can choose from thousands of airports as well as the simulation’s time of day that you want to fly…including weather conditions ranging from clear, sunny skies to thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow.

Do not delay in experiencing the flying lesson of a lifetime in the safety and comfort of a Motion Flight Simulator environment.

Bookings are absolutely essential.